dinsdag 19 december 2017

Witch girl creation - Shila the barrier witch Rigging and skinning

Of course, Shila's textures are finished, so now her clothes and skin no longer appear to be made out of the same material. I gave her clothes a much softer look, so it seems to be more like cloth, rather than the leather/latex look Majika has going. I also slightly adjusted her colors, to be a tad brighter, because "yay! contrast!".

Also, Shila is now fully rigged and skinned and boy, did I run into a lot of problems. Maybe I'm getting sloppy after doing it so many times, or maybe it's the December stress, but I'm gonna have to work a bit cleaner on the next one.

It wasn't all my fault though, my software was messing up too. While painting the skin weights I found that not all joints were added to it. So I could fix that by adding influence to them. Apparently though, that really messes with your previously painted skin weights. Normally I work very clean, so I've only ever used this tool once before, so I had no idea, maybe changing other settings would help but it doesn't matter now. When I found out it meant I had to redo part of the work, as going back to an older version would take longer.

I also forgot some joints, so I already had to do this once before, which of course was my own fault. At that time I didn't do much weight painting yet, so had no idea on the effects on previous weight painting.

While testing I also noticed some of the controls just didn't work anymore. Don't know why, but that's a very easy fix.

I also noticed I didn't zero out her eye controls after testing the rig. I did fix this in a bit of a "hacky" way. So pray for me that it doesn't end up biting me in the ass later. I did do a lot of tests to make sure it won't so I'm not too worried.

In any case, a little preview of her standing in her spot to protect all the witches! Have an awesome day everyone.

dinsdag 12 december 2017

Witch girl creation - Shila, the barrier witch

I've been working on the creation of another girl, but this time a witch girl. As you've probably seen in the previews, she's coming along great. At the moment I'm still playing around with her color scheme, but I kind of like this one, I'm thinking I'll just brighten it up a bit.

I mentioned on patreon earlier, I'm using a new technique for modelling the hair. I now use a curve to determine where a strand of hair goes and then extrude polygons along that curve. This allows me to have some really nice curvature on the hair and control the shape of the strand. Of course I always have to do some additional work on every strand, which involves soft-selecting vertices and moving them around a bit.

Since I was creating a witch, I also decided to work on some clothing. She still has come easy access in the back for her H-scene, so she can keep her clothes on while getting fucked. This both save me time, from having to create a clothed and an undressed version of the model, and is superhot, I do always hate it when characters in hentai games have sexy clothes on, which are then nowhere to be seen in the sex scenes.

The technique I used for the hair, I could also use on her hat and loincloth, making this fun spiral shape a lot easier and less time-consuming to make.

In addition I used the clothes to push up her huge tits. I didn't cover her nipples, love clothes that are actually a bit to small, as well as cleavage that's pushed up.

I now need to finish up her coloring, as well as add more textures to control materials. Next to Majika it's easy to see she's far more curvy.

woensdag 22 november 2017

Monster girl improvements - Cathy the Catgirl part 3

This week I continued working on Cathy by adjusting her animations to work with the new model. Her scene is now completed and released on patreon: www.patreon.com/bluepysax. So if you want to download and play it, go right ahead!

her animations had to be partially changed. Mostly her paws are much different from her hands of course, additionally I also reworked the animations as whole, to improve them slightly. The biggest change in her model is of course her hair. I also put much more control into it than I ever did before. So for every animation I had to animate the hair lagging behind the movement, which makes the whole character feel much more alive.

After I finished the animation, I had to put them into the engine and do the whole importing and changing the naming thing, which isn't too much work. I did have to put the animations into the game, I re-used part of her old animation hierarchy, but did change it slightly along with several choices I made for the animations. As with many of the other girls, I added a few extra transitions for the animations, to make sure there was no problem with the fade happening ahead of the change in animation.

And finally I noticed a problem on the leg, as visible in the image above. Initally I thought it was just a normal problem (3D normals that is). So I tried to soften the normals, which solved the problem as far as I could see, until I put it into the engine, where it was still an issue. So I turned on the normal, trying to find the problem. I tried everything to fix the normals, which didn't seem to have any problems. So after a while I was just stumped, but I decided to look into the UVs some more, which I had already checked before, but then I found out that there was more than one face in the same place. So lo and behold, I turned on transparency and just deleted the extra faces. I felt like an idiot, but I just haven't had this issue in my models for a very long time.

If that all sounds like gibberish to you, long story short: There was a problem that was easy to fix, but I haven't had this problem in so long, I pretty much forgot about it, so I'm a stoopid.

Anyway, she's fuckable now, so go ahead and have some fun!

dinsdag 14 november 2017

Monster Girl improvement - Cat girl part 2

This week I continued work on Cathy the cat girl. She is now ready for animating!

First thing I worked on was finishing her Textures. I added a bit more highlighting in her hair, to improve the visibility of different strands of hair. Of course I also added a bump/normal map and a specular map. For the bump map I played around with the thickness of the fur. In the end I decided to keep the effect very light, seeming like her fur is laying down flat on her skin. Additionally the specular map changes her fur to be less shiny than her skin, helping it appear soft and furry. The specular map also does a little bit of extra work to change the way her eyes looks, improving their contrast.

Of course, a large part of her rig was reused,but a few things were redone/added, especially for her hair, which has more controls than any other character's hair. I also had to repaint the skin weights, which determines how much control every bone in her rig/skeleton has over certain parts of her body. As you can see, that's all done, so she can now be posed and animated.

So that's the next step, animating this beautiful cat girl. :)

dinsdag 7 november 2017

Monster Girl improvement - Cat girl part 1

Cathy has finally gotten her make-over! Or at least, a large portion of it. As you can see in the images above, her face has been remodeled, as well as her hair and parts of her limbs. Her coloring has also been overhauled, looking much more sexy than before. Parts have also been redone in her rig, the textures are not finished yet though.

The original model for Cathy was created a long time ago, since then I've learned a lot. I've gained a lot more understanding of how to create certain things. The faces of all other girls are a lot better than the original Cathy face. With this model I really tried to improve the way I modeled the hair as well and it certainly shows. There are much more loose bit to her hair, and I paid very close attention to the curvature of it all.

In addition, I've switched up her color scheme. The old color scheme was a bit boring imho, so I gave her a slight tan, and made her blonde. This color scheme looks much more interesting and playful, which really fits with a cat girl.

I still need to work on the textures to switch up the look of the materials, but the coloring is pretty much done.

Her hands and feet also look different now, so she has a bit more features that make her cat-like. We're going a bit higher on the furry hentai scale. x) It's a really nice way to distinguish her more from the other monster girls.

I've also changed the rig a bit, a lot of it could be re-used though, which helps with time a huge deal. I do still need to continue working on that to make it work completely.

Overall, I really like where the model is going. I still feel like I can improve my skills, but it's really cool to me to put them next to each other at the moment. :D

Have a great day everyone!

dinsdag 31 oktober 2017

Monster girl improvements - Slime girls

The slime girls have gotten a big improvement!

As with most girls the eyes were completely redone. I did give them pupils this time to make them feel a bit more like a person. The resolution was also improved, maaking them look more crisp and clean.

The biggest change though, is in the material. The way they looked before, the highlights seemed a very low resolution. Now they look much smoother, making for a much softer slimy appearance.

It does make the girls a bit heavier on the pc, so hopefully people won't be experiencing too much of a framerate drop. I did change a few things to make the scene lighter. The biggest problem occurs when the girls take up a large portion of the screen. The reason for this is that the transparency causes the pixels to render another time, essentially making it twice a taxing on the system. It's a bit of a technical thing, but unfortunately, a problem with transparency when working in 3D.

If a lot of people are experiencing crazy fps drops, I might have to revisit this.

dinsdag 24 oktober 2017

Witch Girl improvements - Tida

In addition to Arachne, I also had some time to work on Tida.

I spent quite a bit of time redrawing her eyes, which looked much better. I then decided to play around with making them a lot brighter, I kind of liked the look of it. It does mean most of the redraw work is kind of pointless. For now I've decided to go a little bit in-between. Let me know what you would prefer! :)

her skin is similar to many of the other girls in the way I decided to make it look. Her tattoos have a light difference in the way they interact with the lighting, because I liked the idea of having look like body paint. Her hood looks soft, because of how it works with the lighting. This is a nice contrast of the cloth to the skin.

She has a very subtle glow, because I liked her looking a bit more mysterious and magical. It also works as a nice rim lighting effect.